(as Composer/ Recording/ Mixing Engineer)

Stranded in Tioga

quixod –  Stranded in Tioga (Not Far from the Truth)

digital release

(+ performer)




Greg Dixon – Cedar Forest (CD)

Kohlenstoff Records (2014)





Cedar Forest

Electronic Music Midwest (CD)

Irritable Hedgehog Music (2013)




Candelabrum (Gwt Nawkhes) by quixod

The Holidays Don’t Have to Be So Rotten (Volume 4) (CD)

Flannelgraph Records (2013)

(+ performer)



quixodNot Suitable Fort Worth

digital release

(+ performer)





digital release

observer intimacy [os01]

Pawlacz Perski



Drip On You Melting Icicle by quixod

The Holidays Don’t Have to Be So Rotten (Volume 3) (digital release)

Flannelgraph Records (2012)

(+ performer)



digital release

Deep Wireless 9 Radio Art Online Album

from New Adventures in Sound Art


Orford Walk

digital release

v-p v-f is v-n mix [field] compilation series

winds measure recordings – wm30m


quixodDust Mosaic (mini CD-R)

(noxious fumes -003, 2012)

(+ performer)



Sun Nation- Texas Instruments

Sun NationTexas Instruments

digital release

(+ performer)

(collaboration w/ Mike Dixon)


The Sounds of Trains at Night by quixod

For Lee Jackson in Space

digital release

(+ performer)


Escalator to Polaris by quixod

The Holidays Don’t Have to Be So Rotten (Volume 2) (CD)

Flannelgraph Records (2011)

(+ performer)


quixod- Static Shield (EP) (CD-R)

(noxious fumes records– 001, 2011)

(+ performer)




Deep Wireless 8: Radio Art Compilation (CD)

from New Adventures in Sound Art



Sun Nation EP

Sun NationEP

digital release

(+ performer)

(collaboration w/ Mike Dixon)



SEAMUS 20th Anniversary (CD)

(Music from SEAMUS, EAM-2006-2.)




Vox Novus 60×60 International Mix (2004-2005) (CD)

from Vox Novus



Sewage Ain’t Sexy (Remix)

included as free bonus mp3 download with purchase of

Racebannon- Six Sik Sisters (LP)

Tizona Records


(as Recording Engineer)

MW-5Piece copy

Madera Wind Quintet5 Piece Combo: The Complete Suites for Wind Quintet by Don Gillis

(Ravello Records)

(+ producer / mixing engineer)



Good Co.– From the Top (CD)






Unconscious Collective – “Tribe Apini” and “Kotsoteka”

Pleistocene Moon (double LP)

Tofu Carnage Records– TC06, 2014



Orgullo Front Cover NEW


Orgullo Primitivo – “Dreams”

Orgullo Primitivo/ Cloud Rat split 7″

IFB Records – 071, 2014


grueling and worthless


Terminator 2Grueling and Worthless

digital release

(assistant engineer)


Improbable Encounters Joseph Klein– “Die Tischtuchtolle,” “Die Hinterbringer,” “IcarUS At thE caBARet VoLtairE”

Improbable Encounters

compact disc / DVD

 Innova -873, 2014


The-Young-Mothers-Sampler1Orgullo Primitivo- Damage

Tektite Records presents The Young Mothers

digital release

Tektite Records, 2014


Orgullo Primitivo– Death (A Blessing in Disguise)/ Dreams

digital release




Orgullo PrimitivoNearly Africa (XTC cover)

Grinding for a Cure: Volume 2




Madera Wind Quintet– Five at Play (CD)

Crescent Phase -002, 2012.




Joelle WallachThe Nightwatch (CD)

4Tay Inc. CD-4034, 2012.




Joelle WallachThe Door Standing Open (CD)

4Tay Inc. CD-4034, 2012.




Zanzibar Snails“A More Celestial Perception of the Absolute”

from For Lee Jackson in Space

digital release, 2012.



Zwei Parabeln Nach Franz Kafka by Joseph Klein

from Vol. 39, CDCM Computer Music Series, Music from the University of North Texas Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia, 2012.



Stephen LucasLive at Brussels

digital release (CD Baby)

(+ producer)



Vaults of Zin -(s/t) (CD-R)

(noxious fumes records– 002, 2011)

(+ electric violin and guitar)



Racebannon‘s portion of:

Racebannon/ Helen of Troy split (CD)

Insound Tour Support Series #25, 2003.



“Heavy and Awkward” and “Jesus Was a…” from:

Racebannon- The Inevitable: Singles and Rarities (1997-2005) (Double CD)

Alone Records (AL062), 2005.



Side B – Deimos

Lychgate- A Strange Tongue (cassette)

Heavy Psych (34), 2009.



Blarmageddon- Bloodbath in Babylon (CD-R)





(as Mastering Engineer)


The Night Game Cult





Ending | Begin


manintherawEnding | Begin 

digital release




Many VoicesMountains and Other Faraway Things

compact disc





Anteroom- Thank you for your quick reply. 

digital release




Family Function– Con Bass 

digital release




Terminator 2 – CS/ CD





(as Performer)



Memory MapThe Sky As Well As Space (LP)

(Violin/ Viola)

“Antelope Glue”

Joyful Noise Recordings (JNR 118, 2014)


JNR136-FGR025_cover_art-webMike Adams at His Honest WeightBest of the Boiler Room Classics (LP)

(Violin/ String Arrangements)

“Count On It” and “The Bright Line”

Joyful Noise Recordings & Flannelgraph Records  (JNR 136, 2014)



Memory Map The Sky As Well As Space (Japanese Edition)

(Violin/ Viola)

“Antelope Glue”

Like a Fool Records (LFR-001, 2014)



Bruce Hacked- “Lemon Meringue” (single)


digital release, 2013



Homecomings (LP)

(Violin / String and Wind arrangements)

“Towers and Trash”



Rapider than Horsepower

(Violin/ String Arrangements)

“Little Trouble Girl”

Confuse Yr Idols: A Tribute to Sonic Youth (CD)

Narnack Records, 2004.


Rapider than Horsepower- Rapider Than the World (CD/ 10″)

(Violin/ Viola/ String Arrangements)

“Hungry Eyes”
“Now It’s Deserted”
“Who’s Ego? My Ego!”
“Where Am I Going?”
“Wonder Why?”

Rapider than Horsepower – This is My Big Night (LP/CD)

(Violin/ String Arrangements)

“Ain’t Never, Never.”

SA Records,  2004.


Rapider than Horsepower – Stage Fright, Stage Fright (LP/CD)

(Violin/ String Arrangements)

“I Have Never Played the Monkey Part”
“I Blame It On The System”

SA Records-08,  2003.


Candidate- Simple Harmonic Motion (CD)

(Voice, Violin, Drums, Synthesizer)

Three Going East, 1997.



Candidate -s/t (7″)

(Drums, Voice)
“Voice-Over Stars”- (Guitars, Voice, Recording)

Parks and Records, 1996.


Candidate-“About Missing” and “No More Needles” (on Side Right)

(Drums, Violin, Voice)

Urinine Records Presents! More Than You Bargained For: The 144 Minute CD