Greg Dixon currently works as an adjunct professor of music at Grayson College in Denison, TX, where he teaches audio engineering, music business, and strings. His compositional research focuses on electronic music and interactive music systems for acoustic instruments, sensor technologies, and human interface devices.  He has worked for more than a dozen years as a professional sound engineer, which has greatly influenced his strategies for composing electronic music in the studio.  Greg’s electroacoustic compositions often make use of his own personal field recordings exploring a wide variety of source material, acoustic spaces, social and cultural artifacts, and transduction methodologies.

Greg also works as a composer of commercial music, freelance sound engineer, instrumental music teacher, and performer, appearing frequently as a laptop musician, guitarist, violinist, and violist.

He holds a Ph.D. in composition with a specialization in computer music from the University of North Texas, where he worked as a composition teaching fellow, recording engineer, and technical assistant for CEMI.  His composition instructors include Jon Christopher Nelson, Cindy McTee, Andrew May, David Bithell, Michael Pounds, Jody Nagel, Keith Kothman, and Cleve Scott.

His music has been released on labels including Kohlenstoff Records, SEAMUS, Irritable Hedgehog, New Adventures in Sound Art, Vox Novus, Pawlacz Perski, winds measure, Flannelgraph Records, and on his own label, noxious fumes.